Our Affiliation

Christ Presbyterian Church Wallingford is a new church birthed out of Christ Presbyterian Church in New Haven.  Christ Presbyterian Church has begun planting congregations in the greater New Haven area that reflect the different voices and locations of our diverse region.

We are a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and part of the Mission Anabaino church planting network.

Our Leadership


Mike Brunjes, Pastor


Mike and April are native South Floridians who now live on the east side of Wallingford. They are cultivating a family garden that includes two little flower girls, Lily and Magnolia, and their son Haddon. Mike earned a Master of Divinity Degree at Knox Theological Seminary and served as an Assistant Pastor in Florida for 5 years before moving to Wallingford. 

As a family we are passionate about the Gospel of Grace and connecting relationally with those around us. We love to party joyfully, engage deeply, and serve resolutely. As God has moved in our hearts he has made it clear that the intersection of all these passions and His call on our lives would be found in church planting. In response to this call, in partnership with Christ Presbyterian Church New Haven, we are planting a church in Wallingford and for Wallingford.

Until Christ Presbyterian Church Wallingford has its own elders the church plant is under the authority of the elders of Christ Presbyterian Church New Haven.

Our Timeline

Christ Presbyterian church is a church plant.

 What does it mean that we are a church "plant"? It means that we are a brand new church that is starting from scratch. We call it a "plant" because it grows as an organism just as a plant would. It begins with preparing the soil, planting seeds, and nurturing the seedling. Just as every seeds bears fruit in its time we know the same is true with a church plant. We are not in a rush, but rather desire to intentionally work to build a healthy church that can be a blessing to our entire community. We are seeking to do this in three disticnt stages. 


The first thing we want to do is devote ourselves to the process of listening. We want to learn from our neighbors before they learn from us. We want to know what our community celebrates, what it hopes for, and where we can serve. As we live and serve alongside others in our community we hope to invite them into the process of exploring what it would look like to plant a new church in Wallingford. 


By Fall 2017 we hope to open our homes and our lives to our neighbors and friends by connecting regularly to share a meal and discuss what it means to follow Jesus together. We are seeking to form a community of faith that genuinely enjoys spending time together, that shares our joys and burdens, and is devoted to the flourishing of all people in our town. 


As our community grows and expands we will seek to launch a public weekly worship service. We will gather together for worship that is intentionally organized to reflect the voices of our neighborhoods. We will devote ourselves to the preaching of God's word, to taking the sacraments, and to fellowshipping together.